Alabama Organizing Project

AOP is now recruiting for the Grassroots Leadership Development (GLD) Program Class of 2013. GLD is a leadership training program that helps people become better, more effective leaders in their communities. Once a month from January until May, participants meet for trainings. They practice what they've learned in applied tasks, building a portfolio of their work. Participants come from across the state, representing diverse communities, backgrounds, interests, and abilities. GLD brings them together for training that is designed to enhance their existing skills, teach new skills and facilitate constructive work for change in communities and organizations back home. Applications are available on the website.

Essential Training for Leadership

"As a result of this training, I am now visible in my community, elected officials know I am there, and people are calling me to express their concerns on upcoming issues.”

“It is great to be in the presence of individuals who are passionate about the work they are doing. It is an affirmation for me that I am not alone and my work is not and will not be in vain.”

Collaboration for Social Change

For fifteen years, the Alabama Organizing Project (AOP) has been training the future leaders of Alabama to speak out and educate others for social justice. AOP assists organizations in the state to work collaboratively in empowering their constituents – many of whom are low income people – to find policy, program and developmental solutions to problems of poverty in a state where democratic empowerment has historically been frustrated by racial, economic and social fragmentation.

Alabama Comes Together

AOP is a unique collaboration of six organizations: Arise Citizens’ Policy Project, the Alabama Coalition Against Hunger, the Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Greater Birmingham Ministries and the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama. AOP organizations work together to build statewide organizing capacity while extending their own networks and supporting their own agendas.